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Give Us a Call 24/7 to Speak to a Loan Specialist: (866) 526-0238

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Business Financing Solutions

Expert loan advisory with a network of 4,000 traditional and alternative business lenders representing 12,000 business loan products.

4,000 Business Lenders

4,000 Business and Commercial lenders competing to fulfill your company’s financing needs by providing the best lending rates and terms available

12,000 Loan Products

GUD Capital’s traditional and alternative business lenders offer over 12,000 different business lending products to meet any company’s financing needs

Financing Experts

Our team of business financing experts provide borrowers with top guidance to help them make the best financing decisions for their small business

Fast Service

We are able to match you with the right business loan and financing products within minutes to quickly provide your company with the best business loan

What Sets Us Apart

A look at what sets us apart and makes GUD Capital superior when it comes to your business and commercial financing needs

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Best Business Lending Options In One Place

We are your one stop shop to quickly reach every type of business lender and get fast funding.


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Traditional Loans
SBA Loans
Merchant Cash Advances
Alternative Loans
Asset Based Loans
Bank Loans
Credit Unions
Real Estate Loans
Debt Refinancing

Conventional Business Loans

Best traditional lending options for small and mid-sized companies.

Conventional Loans

Traditional Business Financing

Traditional bank-rate business loans used for a wide variety of business uses including purchasing and refinancing of real estate, consolidations, acquisitions, working capital, and more.

Conventional Lenders

Traditional Financing Sources

Traditional Banks
Community Banks
Credit Unions
SBA Lenders
Community Lenders
Small Banks

Term Loans

Rates: as low as 5%
Terms: up to 30 years

Standard business loans with a maturity rate. Lenders that offer term loans include large banks, small banks, community lenders, SBA lenders, credit unions, asset based lenders and alternative lenders. Learn More →

Line of Credit

Rates: starting at 6%
Terms: up to 3 years

Pre-approved business financing that a company can draw on as needed, and only pay interest on what the business uses. Offered by banks, alternative lenders and account receivable business lenders. Learn More →

SBA Loans

Rates: starting at 6%
Terms: up to 25 years

Enhanced financing provided by banks and conventional lenders in which the Small Business Administration participates by agreeing to cover SBA lender’s losses should the borrower fail to repay the entire loan. Learn More →

USDA Loans

Rates: as low as 5%
Terms: up to 30 years

Loans provided by conventional lenders to businesses in rural areas to help creditworthy business obtain financing to help save and create jobs in areas with less than 50,000 people. Learn More →

Alternative Business Loans

Full-range of alternative and non traditional business financing options in one place.

Alternative Loans

Non Traditional Business Financing

Non traditional financing options powered by online business lenders harnessing FinTech technologies to underwrite and fund small business loans up to $500,000.

Alternative Lenders

Non Traditional Lending Sources

MCA Lenders
ACH Lenders
Institutional Lenders
Marketplace Lenders
Fintech Lenders

Merchant Cash Advance

Rates: as low as 1.16%
Terms: up to 18 months

Sale of a merchant’s future credit card transactions in return for immediate cash financing. MCA collects repayments each day by taking a percentage of small business’s credit card transactions. Learn More →

FinTech Alternative Loans

Rates: as low as 7%
Terms: up to 5 years

Often referred to as mid prime business loans, a FinTech loan or line of credit provides financing to small companies who need affordable rates, easy approval process and fast funding. Learn More →

Asset Based Loans

Rates: starting at 8%
Terms: up to 3 years

Loans using the company’s assets as collateral to secure financing. Collateral can include commercial and personal real estate, accounts receivable, equipment and or inventory. Learn More →

ACH Cash Advance

Rates: starting at 1.15%
Terms: up to 24 months

A business cash advance if financing where a funder provides immediate financing and collects repayments each business day (or weekly) by taking a set amount from the company’s bank account via ACH. Learn More →

Specialized Business Loans

Some of the specialized commercial finance lenders we provide access to.

Specialized Financing

Loans For Specific Use

Loans and financing provided by companies that specialize in specific forms of short term and highly-specialized commercial financing.

Specialized Lenders

Lenders Specializing in Specific Loans

Private Investment Banks
Factoring Companies
Bridge Lenders
Equipment Leasing Cos

Working Capital

Rates: as low as 6%
Terms: up to 10 years

Working capital loans are used to finance a company’s day-to-day operations for expenses like payroll, inventory, paying bills, making upgrades, fixing equipment. Learn More →

Bridge Loans

Rates: as low as 8%
Terms: up to 2 years

Financing used to help a business meet its obligations while waiting on permanent equity or debt financing, or while waiting for receivables to clear. Can be used for working capital or real estate. Learn More →


Rates: as low as 1%
Terms: up to 1 year

Sale of unpaid 30, 60 and 90 day unpaid invoices at a discount to the factoring company. This allows small businesses to tap into immediate financing to help with expenses and operating capital. Learn More →

Equipment Leasing

Rates: as low as 8%
Terms: up to 10 years

A way for companies to obtain business equipment by leasing rather than having to pay the full cost of the equipment. Leasing company purchases equipment, and then leases to business for a period of time. Learn More →

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