Give Us a Call to Speak to a Loan Specialist: (866) 526-0238
Give Us a Call to Speak to a Loan Specialist: (866) 526-0238


Frequently Asked Questions

What Loan Sizes Does GUD Capital Handle?

We handle all commercial loan sizes from $5,000 for small merchant cash advances, to well over $20,000,000 for middle-market financing facilities.

What Types of Businesses and Industries Does GUD Capital Work With?

We work with every and all types of industries. Small, medium and large businesses work with GUD Capital to handle their financing needs.

Who are GUD Capital's Lenders?

We are really geared toward underutilized small business financing programs like SBA financing. The plurality of our 4,000 lenders are small banks and community banks. With that having been said, we have plenty of lenders that handle any and all types of alternative financing.

What States and Regions do GUD Capital's Lenders Work in?

GUD Capital has lenders that work in all 50 States of the US, along with international lenders in Canada and the UK.

Do Your Lenders Offer Startup Financing?

The only start-up financing we handle are SBA 7(a) financing, equipment financing, and loans against ones stocks (commonly-used to fund franchise businesses).

What is the Usual Time Frame to Receive Funding?

The time period for funding depends on the type of loan the business is seeking. For SBA and traditional financing, the time frame can be between 30-90 days. For alternative financing about 5-10 days. Merchant cash advances take 1-2 days.

What Are Your Fees?

We charge you nothing out-of-pocket. Most of the time we get paid a success fee from the lenders. In some situations relating to traditional financing where the lender does not offer a referral fee, we charge between 1-2% of the final facility amount, and it would only be due at funding.

Do You Guarantee Success?

No. But we are confident that GUD Capital is among the most successful financing brokers at finding our clients the best possible financing for their companies.

What Credit Scores are Needed For Funding?

Generally, to qualify for bank and SBA financing, a business owner needs to have a credit score over 650. For other forms of alternative financing, credit score requirements can range from 500-650. But with increased lender risk, the higher the borrowing rates.