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General practitioners will often have the need to obtain financing at some point in time to cover business upgrades and expenses. Most common financing uses are business acquisitions, working capital, making payroll, purchasing, repairing or replacing equipment, hiring staff, marketing and advertising as well as a number of other uses.
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A reverse consolidation doesn’t remove merchant cash advance debt, but instead a reverse consolidation is a financing tool meant to help a business weather the cash-flow crunches associated with stacking multiple cash advances. With a reverse consolidation the cash advances aren’t eliminated, but simply managed in a way that reduces the stress of having enough...
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Getting financing for an acting studio isn’t necessarily easy, but there are still plenty of options out there for working capital purposes. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or somewhere in-between, there are multiple financing options available to your acting studio. Below we will take a look at the various financing options, and compare...
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There are hundreds, if not thousands of financing options available to small and mid-sized Massachusetts small businesses. Regardless of whether the company has good credit or bad credit, the options are plenty, including bank financing, SBA financing, alternative lending, equipment financing and cash advances to name a few. Below we will take a look at...
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Pennsylvania small businesses, just like every other small business, may face the need for financing at some point in time. Having access to affordable financing may help the small business take advantage of an opportunity or take care of a current obligation. Whether the need be long-term financing including acquisitions, refinancing debt and capital purchases,...
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When your business files for bankruptcy, you will automatically lose the ability to obtain conventional bank or SBA financing -- but that doesn't mean that all of your options are gone. There are numerous funding options for small businesses that have filed for bankruptcy, but most of them can be fairly-expensive.
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Defense contractors and general government contractors may find themselves in the need for capital to help with existing business operations, or to help expand their contracting business. Some of the financing uses a defense contractor may use additional capital for include acquisitions, refinancing and consolidating business debt, new senior or subordinated debt, as well as...
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Dermatologists, along with every many other small business owners, will find that during their time in business they may have a need for capital. Such needs could include having money to purchase a practice, expand their dermatology practice, refinance their dermatology business debt, as well as just have capital to cover operational expenses. Below we...
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There are many financing options for sushi restaurants looking to obtain capital for business operations offered by thousands of business lenders. These loan uses include acquisitions, expansion, working capital, real estate purchases and refinancing, operating expenses, debt consolidation and debt refinancing among others. Below we will take a look at the major funding options for...
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Staffing companies can often use extra capital to help with their business operations. Common types of staffing loans and working capital are bank loans, staffing lines of credit, SBA staffing loans, alternative loans, asset-based financing as well as staffing cash advances. Uses tend to be for working capital purposes (payroll, advertising and marketing, expansion, etc.)...
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GUD Capital is a nationally recognized leader in the financing industry for providing the best business lending solutions available to small and mid-sized businesses. We leverage our network of 4,000 competing commercial lenders to provide your business the largest selection of commercial financing options.

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