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The sale of future receivables is a way for a company to sell future business income to a 3rd party and obtain immediate cash. Since this is the sale of future earnings, it’s a business-to-business transaction – not a loan. Since the sale of future receivables isn’t a loan, its not regulated by most local,...
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The process of obtaining a business loan can be tricky if not downright confusing. The goal of the business loan is provide your company with the financing it needs to handle its operations. Getting the wrong loan could put you in a position where you eventually struggle to repay the debt. So the goal of...
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Purchasing or refinancing commercial real estate requires a large investment of funds that may require a business or commercial real estate investor to seek debt financing in order to handle their property needs. When seeking a loan for commercial real estate, it’s essential for a borrower to do some research on the commercial real estate...
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. The use of COJs has especially become prevalent with merchant cash advance and other high-risk business lenders – especially funding companies that stack many cash advance positions. In this article, we will look at what a confession of judgment is, as well as how to get a small business loan without a COJ.
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After receiving financing from these lenders, a borrower may find that at some point they may need to obtain additional financing to help with business operations. When they need funding the small business may seek-out a cash advance to obtain subordinate financing behind their main bank loan or line of credit. Or maybe you’re a...
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Merchant cash advances can have substantial fees and very short-terms. In fact, the short-terms associated with merchant cash advances can put additional stress on a company’s cash flow. This is a reason why we recommend all small businesses resort to a cash advance as a last resort only.
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Working capital, itself, is the difference between a small business’s current assets minus their current liabilities. Ideally, a company would like to see their current assets far outnumber the company’s current liabilities, as that would exhibit a company in a healthy financial situation. The closer current assets and current liabilities are to reaching a parity,...
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Conventional banks offer just about the best rates and terms of all Oregon small business lenders. Traditional banks offer rates that start in the mid-single digits, and have terms that can extend out 25-30 years depending on use. Uses of conventional loans from Oregon banks are used for just about all business uses, including business...
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While obtaining a working capital loan for your business using your commercial real estate may not be ideal for many small businesses, it is a good option for businesses unable to obtain working capital through more traditional means, or are unable to obtain the full-amount of financing they were seeking. If you do seek to...
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There are many options for a business or real estate investor to refinance their mortgage. In fact, the number of lenders available that offer commercial real estate mortgage loans is enormous. Each of these commercial property lenders offer different rates, terms and structures of their loan facilities.
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