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So, you’re looking online for a merchant cash advance to get funding because you have a need that requires immediate financing. Or maybe you have bad credit and haven’t been able to get approved for a loan through more conventional means. Whatever your reason for seeking out a business cash advance, its important to make...
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Having enough money to cover your expenses is priority number 1 for every business. Being able to keep the operations running – not just running, but running smoothly – is a key to having a successful and profitable small business. Lack of access to sufficient working capital is essential for most companies. But if you’re...
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If you're a business owner with bad credit, are there any lending options to help with purchasing real estate, buying inventory, working capital, etc.. In this article, we will look at a variety of lending options for businesses with poor credit.
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While the pet grooming sector will continue to see gains throughout the next few years, and plenty of financial gains within this year alone, there are many areas to pet grooming that have created an incredibly competitive landscape. While it would make sense that pet grooming would encompass basic cleaning, trimming, hair cutting, and nail...
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Business owners in need of loans to pay taxes, will seek financing because they have a tax bill that needs to be paid soon, or a late tax bill that has resulted in a business tax lien. If you haven’t had the IRS place a lien against your company because of unpaid taxes, your tax...
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A bridge loan isn’t really a specific type of business loan, but rather reflects the use of the loan. Small business owners use bridge loans to bridge their financial obligations. These financial obligations vary, as some bridge loans are used to bridge financial obligations related to commercial real estate.
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Having easily accessible and affordable capital may be the difference between taking your company's growth to the next level, and being stuck in a rut of mediocrity. In this article, we will look at the small business growth capital options, and ways for your small business to access top-quality capital.
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What happens if the bank turns your business down for conventional financing? What other options are there? In this article, we will look at alternative and non-conventional business funding options, and whether one may be a good fit for your company.
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Most lenders that don’t have a collateral pledge will offer loans by securing the financing with the business’s assets, or the business owner’s personal assets. In this article, we will look at “secured business funding” and the options available to small and medium-sized businesses looking for secured working capital options.
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While many of us would like to simply walk into our local bank and obtain a mortgage for commercial purposes, its just not that easy. Unless your credit is perfect, have fantastic net revenues, and have substantial equity in the properties, the chances of getting approved for the mortgage that best meets your needs may...
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